Sydney Town Hall 12.12.12

On 12.12.12, we held our third and final town hall as part of our Pandora launch tour in Australia and New Zealand. Sydney listeners came out big! The room was packed and they even indulged me in a “Welcome to Australia” video so I could send back a personal “thanks” to the team in Oakland that helped make it happen.

On each of the Town Hall nights, we invited listeners to send us suggestions for other great, local music we should add to the catalog. Last night, we made it a bit easier and offered some notecards so listeners could write down any and all bands they love. I can’t wait to give that thick stack of suggestions to our teams of curators and analysts so they can dig it up, analyze it, and get it playing ASAP!

It was fun to celebrate the full launch of Pandora – including mobile apps and local music – in person with some of our earliest listeners. Thank you for the warm welcome! And, I’ll say it again: we are just so thrilled to offer Pandora to two new countries of music lovers.

Please keep in touch, and enjoy!

- Tim


Wow! What an amazing start to the story of Pandora’s international expansion. So many “firsts” for us, including the first town halls outside the U.S.  And what fantastic town halls they were..

Starting with Auckland, we had a great turnout at a beautiful venue overlooking the harbor. A couple  hundred enthusiastic, curious and, of course, gregarious listeners were full of questions and ideas for us.

The hospitality is palpable as I accumulate one dinner invitation after another along with offers of boat rides,  nature excursions, local music shows, food and wine recommendations and invitations to return as soon as possible to see more of the country (plans are already in the works).

Many folks had used Pandora when we were available here many years ago and they had patiently awaited our return.

Listeners had lots of input and interest in helping us develop the local catalog. They have lots of local pride for their music in New Zealand! We’ve been at it for a while, but it’s going to make such a huge difference to have listeners pitching in. Everything from local rock bands to traditional Maori music.

We were also able to make a quick stop at the famous Finn Brothers’ Roundhouse Studios - a destination for artists from around the world.

Of course, we grabbed a “Middle Earth” photo and picked up a plush sheep at the airport before leaving for Australia that will find a suitable spot in our Oakland office.

Then, onto Melbourne! We hosted almost 250 enthusiastic listeners for a town hall — at the beautiful and historic Town Hall, which was built in 1867.

Again, it was a very warm and welcoming group we met with in Melbourne. It was a lively discussion and there was lots of passion about how Pandora can helps artists. Everyone could see how this new availability of Pandora can help artists thrive locally and gain exposure around the world.

As always, the t-shirts remained a big hit.

I did get a dose of Aussie “Down Under” humor as one attendee made a  laughing stock of me with the thumb-up/thumb-down joke — never again will I fall for that!

We had great meetings with local media and partners who are poised to expand the many ways you can listen to Pandora, from cars to homes.

Cap’n Dan from Cairns set a new record for distance traveled to attend a town hall — 3000 kilometers! It was nice to meet you, Cap’n!

Now, on to Sydney!

Aussie specific genre stations now live!

We are excited to be launching a selection of Pandora genre stations handcrafted for Australian music fans!

Our Curation team is especially passionate about diving deep into new music and it has been a pleasure to learn about what Australians are listening to. It sure has been fun getting to know you through your music and we invite you to explore these stations and personalize them to your taste.

Below please find a complete selection of our new Aussie genre stations. Enjoy!

- - -

To start we’ve put together a selection of genre stations ranging from today’s pop, hip hop and country music based on a mix of the most popular songs in Australia:

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New Zealand specific Genre Stations now live!

We are thrilled to be launching a brand new assortment of Pandora genre stations specifically created for New Zealand music fans.

On a daily basis, the Pandora Curation team collects and curates music across a wide variety of music genres. To accompany our launch in New Zealand, they have been working hard to make sure the Pandora collection includes all of the music our New Zealand listeners want to listen to.

Below is a complete selection of our new NZ genre stations. Give them a listen!

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Australia and New Zealand here we come!

Today, I’m on my way from the San Francisco Bay Area to visit New Zealand and Australia and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.

At Pandora, we have a single mission: To play only the music you’ll love. Whether you listen to Justin Bieber or Tame Impala, Angus Stone or Mozart, we are confident that you’ll find something you’ll love on Pandora. Ok, we’ve added comedy too so we’re also up for playing some jokes you’ll love.

To understand just how we deliver the best personalized music experience, and why we think we do it really, really well, you need to know about the Music Genome Project.

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